• August: Ceased running the gallery (Gallery 50 aka INDEXG). The last exhibition was "WHEN FIDEL MEETS MAO", photographs by Yamile Calderon Bermudez and Joseph Fung.
  • Transformation of the gallery space to a working and living quarter.
  • October: Travel to Istanbul with Holly and Kai Chan. In result, Istanbul Journal was created.

Selected Exhibitions:
  • 2K (2.0) (collaborative exhibition, with Kai Chan), Toronto, Gallery 50, March 10 to April 8

Selected Works:

  • Hong Kong. Two visits, 2016, 2017 (hand-made book, 216x559mm, unique, 119 photographs, 125p)
  • 'Thirty New Stories',  Opp14 (30 pieces, juxtaposition of photograph, object {Kai Chan} and words)
  • Five Poems (mixed media / installation. In five vertical panels, 1810mm x 220mm x 67mm each. Each piece contains 9 pieces of individual photograph)
  • Essay on Alchemy, Book 1 (18 photographs)
  • Re-visit with Yasi
  • a journal: The Transformation of a gallery space (August 14 to October 4)


Selected Books:

  • Re-visit with Yasi (129 x216 mm, pub. BeingHongKong)

Selected Bibliography:
  • HONG KONG COLLAGE OR THE INTIMACY OF DISTANCE, Dennitza Gabrakova (New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies 20, 2, December 2018, p137-158)



April 2018, photo by Holly Lee