Ceased running the gallery (Gallery 50 aka INDEXG) in August. The last exhibition was "WHEN FIDEL MEETS MAO", photographs by Yamile Calderon Bermudez and Joseph Fung.
Transformation of the gallery space to a working and living quarter.

2K (2.0) (collaborative exhibition, with Kai Chan), Toronto, Gallery 50, March 10 to April 8

Travel to Istanbul in October, with Holly and Kai Chan. In result, Istanbul Journal was created.

Hong Kong. Two visits, 2016, 2017 (hand-made book, 216x559mm, unique, 119 photographs, 125p)
New Stories (30 pieces, juxtaposition of photograph, object {Kai Chan} and words)
Five Poems (mixed media / installation. In five vertical panels, 1810mm x 220mm x 67mm each. Each piece contains 9 pieces of individual photograph)
Essay on Alchemy, Book 1 (18 photographs)
Re-visit with Yasi
a journal: The Transformation of a gallery space (August 14 to October 4)

Re-visit with Yasi (129 x216 mm, pub. BeingHongKong)

HONG KONG COLLAGE OR THE INTIMACY OF DISTANCE, Dennitza Gabrakova (New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies 20, 2, December 2018, p137-158)