Organized Dislocation Original Work exhibition
Chair committee of HKIPP Photography Awards 93, and invited Antonio Mak for the design of Award trophy

Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers exhibition, biennial
Thirty-one Photographs (solo exhibition, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre)
Anatomy of Sandwich, (group exhibition, Hong Kong Art Festival)
DISLOCATION Original works, (group exhibition, Visage Too, Hong Kong)
What's Cooking (group exhibition, Chinese-American ArtCouncil, Lincoln Centre, New York)

City at the End of Time (c-type photograph, 40x60 inch, mounted on wood panel, with steel frame. This photograph was originally made for the HKIPP exhibition, later in the collection of M+)
City at the End of Time (c-type photograph, 48x68 inch, in frame. This photograph was made for the Thirty-one Photographs exhibition, it was later selected for the Asia View, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, and became the museum's collection after the show)

Thirty-one Photographs (monograph / exhibition catalogue, 258mm x 254mm. 86p, published by PhotoArt)

Recycling Images in the Cultural Space of Hong Kong, Leung Ping Kwan (Thirty-one Photographs exhibition catalogue, pg4-18)