Guest mentor for Photographer Incubator program, Hong Kong International Photo Festival
Published DOUBLE DOUBLE a weekly web-based zine, from January 4, 2019 (up to December 2021, 158 issues were published. In 2022 the publication was changed to a monthly and published in both paperback and ebook editions)
50 Gladstone Avenue artsalon, a visit-by-appointment space for exhibition, event and gathering (as a replacement for the previous gallery)

Recent Work, solo exhibition, Lumenvisum, Hong Kong, June 6 to July 21
Vision of Hong Kong from Two Generations: Yau Leung | Lee Ka-sing, (two-person exhibition, Sotheby's Hong Kong), June
Homeland in Transit, (group exhibition), Basel, July
2K 3.0 (exhibition, aka. A Year after Istanbul, with Kai Chan and Holly Lee), 50 artsalon, Toronto, October

Swan House (a suite of 166 photographs taken at Swan House, the home of Malgorzata and Gary Michael Dault, from December 11 to 13)
Meditation (installation, random pictures in diptychs displayed as a screensaver)
Istanbul Journal, 178 diptych photographs, 329mm x 159mm
The Darkness (黑暗從四面靠攏過來), an installation at Lumenvisum gallery, 50 photographs, each mounted on spruce wood measuring 7.5 inch square, displying in one horizontal line encircling four sides of the white wall
Poem 黑暗從四面靠攏過來(詩四首)based on the 50 titles from The Darkness

Who are Yau Leung and Lee Ka-sing? 60s iconic photographers’ series of ‘old’ and ‘new’ Hong Kong now at Sotheby’s (Lee Hill-choi), (SCMP, 6 June 2019)
Remembering Yau Leung: An Interview with Lee Ka-sing, Sotheby's
Vision of Hong Kong from Two Generations: Yau Leung | Lee Ka-sing (exhibition catalogue, 216mm x 215mm, 108p, pub. Sotheby's)