Selected Exhibitions:

  • 'The Second-read and other Negotiation Matter' (solo exhibition, Jerome Liebling Center for Film, Photography, and Video, Massachusetts. 128 photographs in the exhibition)
  • 'Morphe 2000-Asian meme',  (group exhibition), Tokyo, Japan
  • 'Morphe 2000-Asian meme', CityU Gallery, City University of Hong Kong

Selected Works:

  • 'Toronto Myth' (series began in 2009 and ended in 2013, each photograph with additional short writing by Gary Michael Dault)
  • 'The Second-read and other Negotiation Matters' (this series began in 2009)
  • 'Hong Kong Arts Policy and Strategy at the Turn of the Century' (3 pairs of photograph 30x40 inch, in 2 editions, one set was later in the collection of M+, one set with a private collector)
  • 'Z FICTION' (series began in 2009 and onward, DOUBLE DOUBLE, October 22 edition published as special issue on the Z FICTION series. included, 40 photographs of the English version and 34 photographs of the Chinese version.)