• Lee family relocated to Toronto from Hong Kong in September
  • 'RENGA', interactive project with Japanese artists
  • International Judge for 'New Cosmo of Photography' (together with Kotaro Ilzawa. Nobuyoshi Araki, Fumio Nanjo), Tokyo
  • Judging panel of Hong Kong Artists' Guild Awards 1997
  • Launch publication 'OP News', bi-monthly, on photography collecting
  • Organized 'A Hong Kong Portfolio', exhibition and publication for Asia Society

Selected Exhibitions:
  • 'Foodscape' (two person exhibition, with poetry by Leung Ping Kwan, Artspeak, Vancouver) February 14 to March 15
  • 'Foodscape' (two person exhibition, with poetry by Leung Ping Kwan, McIntosh Gallery, Western University, Ontario)
  • 'Perspective' (Gallery Space Untitled, New York)
  • 'Hong Kong Experiment' (Fringe Festival, Hong Kong City Hall)
  • 'Hong Kong Contemporary photographers' (Agfa Gallery, Goethe-Institut, Hong Kong)
  • 'Five Contemporary Chinese Photographers' (Hong Kong Land, Exchange Square)
  • 'Hong Kong Contemporary Photographers' (Shenyang, China)

Selected Works:
  • 'Foodscape' series (10 work, 30x40 inch, inkjet on canvas), all artwork lost, when returning from the exhibition at McIntosh Gallery

Selected Books:
  • 'Foodscape' (artist book designed by LKS, exhibition catalogue, 10x10 inch, 24p, published by Original Photograph Club)
  • 'Ten Photographers on Hong Kong 1997' (pub. China Tourism Press)

Selected Bibliography:
  • 'Perspective' (exhibition catalogue, OP)
  • 'Five Contemporary Chinese Photographers' (exhibition catalogue)
  • 'New Cosmo of Photography' (volume 7, 1997, July)